What's in store for EarthAngel Nurses?

The beauty of starting this business is that coming up with relevent offerings for healthcare professionals is almost endless.  That is also the challenge.  I have a few ideas of where I would like to start.  

Here's a glimpse into what I'm thinking about offering EAN customers in the future in addition to the EANbox:

  • Seasonal specials and addons
  • A one-time SLEEP BOX offered once or twice a year (like the Once Upon a Dream giveaway) think sleep mask, ear plugs, sleep spray/lotion/balm
  • A one-time COFFEE BOX offered once or twice a year
  • A one-time STUDY BOX and EXAM CRAM BOX offered once or twice a year!!  I know the students will love this one!!  I'm excited for it.  I'm thinking all things that make studying awesome.  More on this to come. 
  • A MURSE BOX!  Yes, that's right.  Male nurses, I have not forgotten about you.  Male nurses everywhere could use a little recognition.  Stay tuned!
  • Maybe offer a smaller box focusing on one element like a small WELLNESS BOX 

Down the road I would also like to offer: 

  • Super comfy tees with sassy med quotes
  • Maybe some EAN scrubs?
  • A small collection of fabulous nursing biographies available for purchase
  • Links to community and national support groups for PTSD and mental health

This section will evolve over time so check back and see what's happening with EarthAngel Nurses!